sábado, 25 de fevereiro de 2017

Tate Britain I

Simplesmente Tate, um lugar imperdível para amantes das artes
Nosso Olhar mostra, neste primeiro post, quadros de mulheres, pintados por diferentes artistas em diferentes épocas.

Tate Britain, the home of British art from 1500 to the present day, is a place to visit whenever you are in London. There is so much to see that only one visit will never be enough.
Nosso Olhar presents some of the paintings portraying women from different artists and perspectives.

"Portrait of Margaret, Duchess of Argyll - Gerald Brockhurst, 1931

"The Little White Girl" - James Abbott Whistler, 1864

 "Minnie Cunningham at the Old Bedford" - Walter Richard Sickert, 1892

"Queen Victoria and her Great-Grandson" - Walter Sickert, 1936

"April Love" - Arthur Hughes, 1855-6

"Study in Blue and Grey"- Sydney Starr, 1891

"Candlemas Day"- Marianne Stokes, 1901

"Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth"- John Singer Sargent, 1889

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